Bugnara & Torre dei Nolfi. What to see and do...

Bugnara from the Sagittario river valley below Torre dei Nolfi

MonteViste, our Italian holiday apartment, is situated in a lovely little Abruzzan town called Torre dei Nolfi itself a 'frazione' of the nearby much larger municipal town of Bugnara.

There are other hamlets in the immediate vicinity of Bugnara which are also come under its munipal umbrella and are therefore also referred to as 'frazioni' of Bugnara; these are Vallecorvo, San Giuseppe and Stazione Anversa.

Despite its population (around 1,035 in 1991) only a relatively small selection of surnames are to be found in Bugnara, fewer still are found at Torre dei Nolfi.

The most common surnames - in order of electoral role numbers are:

  • Ventresca
  • Lo Stracco
  • Colangelo
  • Di Tomasso
  • D'Andrea
  • Di Piero
  • Faiella
  • Lupi
  • Casasanta
  • Frattaroli

The local residents of Bugnara are referred to as 'Bugnarese' and those of Torre dei Nolfi as 'Nolfese'. Bugnara itself covers an area of some twenty six square kilometres and Torre around fifteen.

The confines of Torre dei Nolfi are quite widely spread out and so in order to identify the various localities within Torre it has been the tradition for many years to use the surnames of old that once clearly identified who lived where; just after the second world world war the population of Torre was in around 1000. Hence we have such placenames as Faiella, Contrada Silvestri and Paccucci. Some of these surname based references are so well established that they appear on offical maps of the area.

Below is a map showing the location of Bugnara in relation to Torre dei Nolfi, Paccucci, Faiella and Vallecorvo. Stazione Anversa is to the South West.

A map of Bugnara in relation to Torre dei Nolfi

Bugnara lies at the foot of Colle Rotondo (912m) and is excellently placed for access both to Sulmona, the most important town in the Peligna Valley, and Scanno which is a very old mountain town and important tourist attraction. The A24 motorway (Strada dei Parchi) has junctions locally at both Cocullo to the South West and Pratola Peligna to the North.

Bugnara - XIIc Castello Ducale built by the Di Sangro family

Towering over Bugnara lie the remains of the once splendid Castello Ducale built by the Di Sangro family in the XII century.

The image to the right is a postcard showing us how the castle once looked.

There is still a perfectly intact vault within the ruins that dates back to the original structure. The castle is at present covered in scaffolding.

As one may imagine the castle enjoys stunning views over the surrounding countryside, over Sulmona and the Peligna Valley. Torre dei Nolfi is clearly visible directly to the North.

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